Who was I? Part 1


Have you ever experienced such a profound change in your life that you don’t recognize who you used to be?

Well it’s happened to me.

That’s why it’s taken so long to tell you.  These thoughts have been swirling around in my head and its been hard to grasp their wispy bodies and pen them down.

In some ways I feel like Kristin of We Are That Family after she went to Kenya and the veil of “that’s not my problem” was ripped from her eyes.

It all started with reaching the top of the hill, in the climb to success, and surveying all that I had.

I have a wonderful Christian husband, two precious children, loving family living near by, a wonderful church family, large home and so many things that should I live for 100 years I could not use them all.

And yet, the question kept rising in my heart….

I am living in my dream. So why do I keep asking myself, is this all there is?

Slowly the veil was being removed: one question at a time-one answer at a time.

The Lifter Of Our Heads was showing me my selfishness.

And it was painful.

(to be continued….)

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